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ARTas1 Book Volume 3

Japan Publicity, Inc.

ARTas1 Book Volume 3

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ARTas1® - Volume 3

160 pages, 10 x 7.2 x 0.5 inches softcover, English.

Professional Japanese Illustrators
(A collection of 40 Top Contemporary Japanese Visual Artists)
Cover illustration by Ryohei Yamashita

Landing in America on 1/1/11, ARTas1® Volume 3 continues the series as a "look book" of contemporary artwork from Japan. Each artist occupies 2 to 4 pages that feature some of their favorite recent works, a mini-bio, lists of awards & clients, and even e-mail contact information. Offering both up-and-coming artists and household name artists (in Japanese households) including: Nampei Kaneko, Aya "Jinco" Jine, Takahiro Kimura, Jumpei Kawamura, Beesha, Minako Saitoh Botsfor, IMAITOONZ, Radical Suzuki,

...and 32 more stunning visual artists.

Mediums include everything from traditional cut paper, sumi, pen & ink, oils, acrylics & pastels to cutting-edge 3DCG, weaving, photography and more. The wide range of styles and mediums makes this book an endless supply of inspiration & fun.


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