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ARTas1 Book Volume 2

Japan Publicity, Inc.

ARTas1 Book Volume 2

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ARTas1® - Volume 2

96 pages, softcover, English, 10 x 7.2 x 0.4 inches

Featuring 27 Professional Japanese Illustrators
Cover illustration by IMAITOONZ

Released in 2009, ARTas1® Volume 2 features an edgier layout and smaller text allowing the art to live larger on the page, many now in full bleed. The front and back covers unfold to reveal a "Wears Weapons" cycling shirt design by IMAITOONZ.

ARTas1® Volume 2 continues as a "look book" of contemporary artwork from Japan. Each artist occupies 2 to 4 pages that feature some of their favorite recent works, a mini-bio, lists of awards & clients, and e-mail contact information. Offering both up-and-coming artists and household name artists (in Japanese households) including:

Ryohei Yamashita, AKA "IllustMaster," designer of multiple Nike Japan ad campaigns

Eshimasa, designer of multiple costumes for All Japan Pro Wrestling & Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling

Takashi Akiyama, winner of countless international poster awards

Hiroshi Yoshii, creator of over a thousand characters brought to life in 3DCG, vinyl figures, and animations...and 23 more artists.

Mediums include everything from traditional sumi, oil, acrylics & pastels to cutting edge 3DCG, weaving, photography and more. The wide range of styles and mediums makes this book an endless supply of inspiration & fun. It's printed in Japan by Toppan Printing so the quality is superb.

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