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FAQ and Glossary

What is an original painting? 
An original painting is a one-of-a-kind image created by an artist.

What is a limited-edition print? 
A limited edition print is a reproduction of an original work of art that is sometimes signed by the artist. The number of prints published is not predetermined. 


What does “Low Inventory” mean? 

This refers to a limited edition that is almost “sold out” at the publishing company. There is usually less than 5% of the edition remaining.


What does “Sold Out at Publisher” mean?

This means that no inventory of that edition remains at the publisher. We may have the art for sale still so inquire about our availability.


What is the difference between a Signed & Numbered Limited Edition (S/N) and Artist Proof (A/P)? 
Signed / Numbered Limited Edition Print (S/N) means that a set number of prints have been reproduced off an original. The artist signs and numbers the prints, usually on the lower left and/or right area of the print. Artist proofs are a tradition in printmaking and are generally limited to 10% or less of the regular edition size. These prints are the first ones off the press and made outside of regular limited edition and are signed and numbered as an AP x/y, they are considered to be more valuable and more of a collector item because there are fewer available.


What is open edition? 
The artwork is not limited to a specific edition size and may be reproduced more than once. It may also be hand signed by the artist and would be designated as such.




A/P (Artist Proof): An additional, exclusive set of prints (of the same quality) traditionally reserved by the artist. A/P’s are signed and numbered separately from the original edition. They are highly valued by collectors due to the difficulty in obtaining them. 

Canvas transfers: A reproduction in which inks are chemically lifted off a piece of paper and apply to canvas.

Edition Size: The edition size is the number of reproductions of a print or canvas release fixed or limited by the artist.

There are 2 numbers on a limited edition e.g. 157/200, where 157 refers to the individual print, and 200 refers to the total number of reproductions in the edition.

Giclee: The term Giclée (pronounced "Zhee-clay") Print refers to fine art reproductions made with museum quality materials using a professional large-format ink-jet printer.

Offset Lithography: Offset lithography is a photographic printing technique that uses inks, carried by rubber rollers called printing blankets, to transfer images from metal plates to paper. 

Posters: Posters are general mass produced with commercial inks and papers. 

Serigraphy (Silk-screening): A hand printing technique, based on stenciling, Ink or paint is carefully brushed through a fine fabric screen, portions of which have been masked for impermeability. 

Size/Dimensions: Marked by width by height (w x h), in inches. The dimensions refer only to the image area on a print or canvas. 

Textured Canvas: textured canvas prints replicate the look and feel of an original painting, including canvas texture and, at times, artist's brush strokes. The image is first printed by offset lithography with oil-based inks on a thin piece of oil-based material.